Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Your friendly neighborhood drug dealer

The relationship I and some folks in the neighborhood have with the drug dealers on the corner is odd. We do call the cops. I sometimes spend more time than I meant to in the front yard observing them seeing if there is anything I can report as a crime. But when we, the neighbors, pass them, the dealers, the exchange is cordial or at least non-hostile, and that's just weird.
Sometimes hello's are exchanged, if only as a reflex reaction. But maybe it is just both parties trying to make the best of a situation, eventhough one party would really like it if the other just went away and took their crackhead customers with them. Correction. I'd really like it if they were arrested and thrown in jail and the area got a rep as a bad place to try to sell drugs. But if they say 'hello' I'll say 'hello' back. Just 'cause I want to see them rot in jail is no excuse to be rude.


At 5/10/2005 3:00 PM, Anonymous guy_in_bloomingdale said...

i say hi to the drugs dealers in my area.

i also say hi to political extremists that i see.

also to people who drive suv's in the city.

you gotta be friendly, and saying hello is an acknowledgement of people existence.


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